Do-It-Yourselfers on the Rise?

Christina Lewellen
August 19, 2009

The quarterly report coming from Lowes was not too encouraging. Second-quarter profit was down 19 percent as consumers continued to take a pass on making big-ticket purchases. The retailer also slowed its plans for expansion.

Still, some analysts are wondering if there are signs of life in smaller improvements, especially DIY projects. Lowes CEO Robert Niblock said, according to a MarketWatch article, that "there are some signs that a bottoming process in housing is under way as its traffic has improved in July and into the first half of August, reflecting a resurgence of do-it-yourself repair and maintenance projects including interior painting and grill repair jobs."

We have talked quite a bit in the last 18 months about the economic challenges and how things are going in the marketplace, but this week I was wondering if window and door companies are seeing increased requests for homeowners who want to attempt retrofit projects themselves. Certainly, installing a window is much tougher than painting, but are they willing to attempt tricky installations to save money? What are you seeing? Email me to share.

Given the weak economy, we have seen DIY activity:
Increase, with more homeowners willing to tackle difficult jobs to save money.
Stay about the same, with only hard-core DIYers taking on window and door installation.
Decrease, with demand for better performance outweighing other issues.

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