Do You Agree with Ducker?

Christina Lewellen
June 17, 2009

As you may have just read in our Ducker news report, it's likely to be 2010 before the window and door market is likely to post some growth. When it comes to my kids and my escalating birthdays, the years seem to fly by. But in the current economic enviornment, every month seems like a lifetime. Another year for us to see some upward momentum in our industry is realistic and likely spot on, but it's a tough pill to swallow from where we sit right now. Are we there yet? Are we there yet??

From your perspective, do the Ducker predictions make sense? Will your company be ahead of the industry curve, posting positive numbers in 2009, or do you think you'll lag the industry and need a bit longer than 2010 to see some positive numbers? Please send an email my way and share your thoughts and feedback about these industry-specific forecasts.

Compared to Ducker industry estimates, I think my company will:
Likely recover at about the same pace.
See some growth before the overall industry.
Take a bit longer than the rest of the industry to reverse the current trend.

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