Do You Have an App for That?

Christina Lewellen
April 13, 2010

I work with a guy who went ga-ga over the new Apple iPad. He had one in his hands within a day or two of its release, and I have a feeling he probably does just about everything but shower with it. Sure, he's a cutting-edge IT guy, but he asserts that he can accomplish just about everything he needs to do–busines and personal–on his iPad.

So, in a similar vein, I have to give kudos this week to Marvin Windows for releasing its window design app for the iPhone. In a nutshell, the groovy little app allows the user to take a picture of her house, paste some Marvin windows and doors on top of the picture, and then send the vision to friends or a local Marvin dealer. A fun visualization tool for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes.

This week my poll explores the extent to which the window and door industry is creating tools like Marvin's iPhone visualization app, or at least starting to adapt to smart phones. Do you have an app to feature your company's products? Do you plan to create one? Have you optimized your Web site to look good on a mobile phone? Do you or your customers configure and order windows and doors on an iPhone yet? 

I guess the bigger question is just how are mobile devices going to change how we do business?  Are we going to see more clever marketing apps or something more?  Send me an email to share your thoughts.


With new mobile devices in mind, my company:
Has created or is creating an app.
Has optimized our Web site for smart phone viewing.
Has explored or executed both of these upgrades.
Has yet to look at any changes or upgrades.

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