Do you hire young people for summer jobs?

John G. Swanson
June 27, 2007

During my college years (and even afterwards, while looking for my first editorial job) I worked in an electronics factory. I started in the machine shop, but they quickly realized I was better handling all the paperwork in the stock room than working a drill press. The job helped me pay for school, of course, but was also a valuable introduction into the business world.

Now, my kids aren’t old enough to be put to work yet, but I threaten them every year that their turn will come. This year, I wondered what kind of summer jobs they could get. That thought, in turn, made me wonder, do a lot of window and door companies hire young people as summer help?

So that’s my poll question for the week. And, of course, I’d like to hear your thoughts.
Email me and tell us why you do or don't, and whether your business gets something out of it. If you started your window and door industry career with a summer job, tell me about that experience too.

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