Happy Earth Day?

Christina Lewellen
April 20, 2010
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Tomorrow, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. While there's no doubt we've all become increasingly environmentally conscious as companies and consumers, I think there tends to be a little extra "umph" in the marketing department when Earth Day rolls around. 

Some in the window and door industry see Earth Day as a chance to communicate about their efforts to be environmentally friendly and remind consumers that energy-efficient fenestration products can reduce energy bills.  I was impressed by one effort in particular.

Regency Windows, a dealer based in Ohio, recently sent out a press release targeting environmentally-conscious homeowners, explaining the company's efforts to recycle more than 250,000 pounds of glass and aluminum in the last year or so.  The relase also points out that the company strives to source its windows locally to cut down on the environmental impact of transportation.

Have you communicated your Earth Day message to your customers and potential customers? Do you plan to? Send me an email to share how your team is recognizing Earth Day 2010.

Does your company mark Earth Day?
Yes, and we use the day to highlight our green efforts.
Yes, but we don't communicate about it much.
No, we don't do anything special.

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