Happy Earth Day?

Christina Lewellen
April 20, 2010
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Survey Results as of 04/27/2010:

Does your company mark Earth Day?

No, we don't do anything special.




Yes, and we use the day to highlight our green efforts.




Yes, but we don't communicate about it much.




Well, alrighty then. Just slightly more than 10 percent of respondents this week got excited about Earth Day and its marketing opportunity. I get that—it's not necessarily a big game-changer for most corporations. But I'll tell you what, I was a bit surprised by the media coverage for the big 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Perhaps it was a missed marketing opportunity?

Since I didn't hear first-hand what window and door companies did for Earth Day this year, let me share with you a couple of other stories I came across.

Google, for example, not only posted a Google Doodle, according to this blog, but also hosted a speaker for employees and explored the ways in which they could be a little more Earth conscious as individuals.

Folks in Columbus, Ohio, got companies involved with its community-wide clean-up efforts by presenting awards to organizations and companies that send out the most bodies to help, this report highlights.

This blog entry correctly points out that some corporations go heavier on the marketing aspect of Earth Day than they do the clean-up-the-Earth part, but they certainly got the "mention" they were seeking, didn't they?

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