Homestar: What the Doctor Ordered?

Christina Lewellen
March 2, 2010
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President Obama released information yesterday about his widely-anticipated "Homestar" program, giving the window and door industry what could be another significant shot in the arm for sales products delivering energy efficient upgrades.

While all the details will come out in the next week or so with the official Senate bill, and further permutations are likely as legislation then makes its way through the House, homeowners could earn on-the-spot rebates that could reach as high as $3,000.  Who knows, maybe they will be able to  double-dip on qualifying window and door purchases--also earning the current tax credits through the end of 2010.

Sure, there is some "must be performed by certified installers" language kicking around in there, but I'm expecting this initiative could result in additional good news coming from window and door companies. What about you? Is this just what the doctor ordered for our still-struggling industry? Send me an email to share your thoughts.

The Homestar program will:
Boost demand significantly
Boost demand somewhat
Not change our sales much
Decrease sales, by focusing homeowners on other products or creating too much red tape.

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