How black will your Black Friday be?

Christina Lewellen
November 26, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my favorite holiday of the year. And no, I'm not talking turkey and football and pies. I'm talking shopping—it's almost Black Friday! Hey, I'm as thankful as the next person, but my female family members and I have made an even better holiday tradition than calorie consumption out of getting up at wickedly early hours and rushing off to stand in line at some store with a great sale. I admit that it's not a rational tradition, nor does it represent (in my eyes anyway) the "reason for the season." But it's FUN! And with a hectic life, it gives me a great excuse to spend hours upon hours "hunting" with my loved ones.

This year, I expect my personal holiday-related spending to be:
About the same as previous years

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So it's apparent by now that I'm doing all I personally can to stimulate our weak economy. As my daughter's kindergarten class strives to achieve new heights each day with its "Do Your Personal Best" credo, I just look at my rock-bottom-price purchases as kicking the ole' consumer confidence indeces up a notch by offering my "personal best" shopping spree.

I know there's serious factors with which we should all be concerned in today's economy, but I hope you can scrape together a bit of confidence to join the rest of the insane people like me in the stores on Black Friday. Just stay outta my way...

... And when you're back home and rested, send me an email to share your best Black Friday story.

From the entire Window & Door staff, we wish you a truly enjoyable holiday. Be safe and we'll Talk with you again in December.


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