How do you think IBS will be different this year?

John G. Swanson
January 13, 2009
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Survey Results for 01/14/2009:

How do you think IBS will be different this year?

Significantly smaller and more pessimistic.





Downsized slightly, but atmosphere won't change.





It's Vegas baby!





A "gloom and doom" attitude will prevail.





No perceptible change.





The industry's heading into Las Vegas this week with diminished expectations, it appears.  Most foresee more pessism in the air at the show, but I'm comforted by the fact that so few say "gloom and doom" will prevail.   

Personally, I'm going to try and stay focused on the positive.  I heard from one exhibitor who offered a similar perspective.  "We have been going to this show since it was a much smaller show in Atlanta. We have seen it grow and now we have seen it decline," she writes. "We are hopeful that there will be builders there that anticipate an end to the recession and downturn in 2009 and want to find products and solutions that will put them out there in a better position to move forward successfully when things do come back." 

The short term outlook is lousy—there's no doubt about that—but things will come back.  And my goal at the show this week is to keep that top of mind and look for the new ideas and products that will help this industry thrive again.  I'm a realist, but I also know that approach will be a lot more productive. 


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