How would selling three standard, non-white colors, with a minimal upcharge, affect your sales?

John G. Swanson
June 6, 2007

Coming to you from Charlotte, NC, this week, I’m beginning the second day of Profiles 2007, a conference looking at new technologies in plastic and composite building materials. We’ll report on the event next week, but much of the discussion is focusing on new developments and options for color in (or on top of) vinyl.

There are already numerous options out on the market, of course, and most suppliers of color vinyl window and door products report growing interest. Listening to various presentations, however, I'm curious just how much demand there actually is for color. So, I’m using this week’s poll to ask. For those of you who choose to respond, I want you to assume you’ve seen the test reports and have complete faith in long-term durability of the color technology. If you have more thoughts about the topic, please
email me and share them.

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