If you were going to the polls today, which candidate would you vote for?

John G. Swanson
November 28, 2007

The Talk, Page 2...

 Survey Results for 11/28/2007:

If you were going to the polls today, which candidate would you vote for?

None—I'll be voting next week in your Republican poll.





Barack Obama





Dennis Kucinich





Hillary Clinton





Joe Biden





Bill Richardson





John Edwards





Chris Dodd





I’ll start out with a confession. In conducting our Democratic poll last week, I proved my amateur status in presidential campaign coverage and omitted John Edwards from the initial list of candidates. Not surprisingly, I heard from some Edwards supporters almost immediately after WDweekly hit everyone’s inbox.

We went back and added the former senator’s name—and he did get some votes—but the damage was done, so, I begin Page 2 of The Talk... with a sincere apology and a caveat—the results are definitely skewed against Edwards.

That said, the results were still a bit of a surprise. While he has a slight lead in the Iowa polls and trails Hillary Clinton on a national basis, Barack Obama is a clear favorite among window and door industry Democrats, outpolling his closest rivals by well over two-to-one. It seems his consensus style has some real appeal among our Democratic voters. Perhaps the energy-efficiency lobby out there is pulling for him. His positions do include a large commitment to reducing both greenhouse gases and our dependence on foreign oil. I would love to hear from those of you who might have further insights.

I would point to a few other advantages Obama might have over the other Democratic frontrunners among our industry voters. Having heard many a snide comment about Hillary Clinton from industry folks throughout the years—not to mention her husband— I can’t say I’m shocked she didn’t do as well in our poll as she does in those conducted by real pollsters. Still, it’s a bit of a surprise Dennis Kucinich outpolled her. The only explanation I can offer is that since Clinton generally does better with women voters, I would suggest she may be the victim of a bit of a gender gap in our audience—if not our industry.

As for Edwards—the other frontrunner in Iowa—his numbers in our poll were almost certainly impacted by our error. I will say this, however. I think his background as a trial lawyer is likely to cost him some votes within our industry.

Of course, other than a strong showing for Obama, last week’s results also confirmed my opinion that there are more Republicans out there in the industry than Democrats—at least among the executives and other personnel more likely to read our newsletter. More than half of the respondents indicated they’d be voting in this week’s poll—and I certainly hope you will (or have) today.

By the way, the more than 700 responses to our poll last week represents a new record for WDweekly. It will be interesting to see if overall response to our Republican poll is greater than it was for the Democratic version. You can be sure we’ll look at all those results next week.


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