In the book smarts vs. street smarts survey, I fall into the following category

Christina Lewellen
January 16, 2008

Although I fear this reveals how remarkably unexciting my life is, I was recently reading a study commissioned by the Small Business Administration regarding the connection between educational levels and the likelihood that a person would go into business for him or herself. For the most part, the correlation stands—the more book smarts you have, the more likely you’d want to be your own boss.

Except, that is, for a handful of industries, including construction and specialty trades. In these industries, your level of education isn’t necessarily a predictor of your entrepreneurial success.

So this week, I’d like to whittle it down to the window and door industry. Are we book smart or street smart? Whether you work for a small company or one of the largest window and door producers in the country, throw your vote into the pile regarding your level of education.

And if you have an opinion about whether or not a four-year-or-more degree is necessary for success in the window and door industry, send me an email and share your real world dissertation.

 For poll results and industry feedback about this topic, click to the next page, and read Page 2 of “The Talk...”

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