In the future, fiberglass will...

John G. Swanson
October 17, 2007

A bit of a surprise at last week’s Remodeling Show was the fact that relatively few vinyl windows were on display. They were there, sure, but not at a level that reflects their number one market share position.

That’s been true for steel entry doors for several years now. Even though they still account for more than half the residential entry door market, manufacturers don’t seem to bring them to shows anymore. All they bring is fiberglass.

And while I wouldn’t say they dominated the window manufacturer booths in Las Vegas, fiberglass windows seemed to be displayed about as frequently as vinyl and wood windows.

Personally, I foresee fiberglass dominance in the entry door market as just a matter of time. I’m not sure where the window market will go, but last week’s show made me wonder. So there’s the inspiration for my question of the week. And of course I’d love for you to write me an email with your comments and predictions for the future.

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