In my opinion, the "Silicon Valley" of the window and door industry is...

Christina Lewellen
October 31, 2007

The Talk, Page 2...

Survey Results for 10/31/2007:

In my opinion, the "Silicon Valley" of the window and door industry is...

...the Minn./Wis./Iowa corridor.





...Ohio, Penn. and surrounding areas.





...the Southeast/Gulf Coast area.





...none of the above.





...the West Coast.





 It’s Minnesota, yah. Our industry voters have spoken, in fact, louder than for any WDweekly poll in the history of our e-newsletter. Almost 500 people voted last week, which is nearly twice the number of votes in our now second-highest poll response of all time.

So we asked you what you considered the “Silicon Valley” of the fenestration industry. What’s the first region that comes to your mind when you think of technological innovation and production in the U.S. window and door industry? The Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa area got the majority of the votes, coming in at 54 percent. The Ohio/Pennsylvania and Southeast/Gulf Coast regions each took 19 percent of the pie and the West Coast snuck in at 3 percent.

The remaining voters figured we missed it altogether. And yet those mystery voters failed to email me and tell me what their “other” opinion was. Hmmm. Might be some folks trying to steal the vote from Minnesota.

So, in lieu of feedback from our voters, here’s some education about our winning region:

First of all, there are no famous window designers or plant managers listed on the “famous people from Minnesota” page. What’s up with that?

Secondly, while Iowa is noted as first in the country in pork, corn and egg production, the state Web site fails to make mention of its fenestration production ranking. Seriously, our industry is getting the cold shoulder.

And while Wisconsin has state symbols for literally everything—these people even have a state dirt—there is no mention of the state’s official window style (I’m guessing double hung).

Did our voters get it right? Email me and share your thoughts...especially on that famous-window-engineer-from-Minnesota thing. I’d be willing to send him or her an official Window & Door Rolex (or ball cap… whichever the winner prefers) if we can manage to get representation on that list.

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