Is Your Livin' Easy?

Christina Lewellen
June 24, 2009

Survey Results for 06/24/2009:

Compared to previous years, my summer plans are:

Scaled back a bit, given the economy and/or my work situation.




About the same as usual—I don't see a reason to make adjustments.




Actually kicked up a notch with additional activities and/or purchases.




Most respondents to this week's poll will be living in my boat this summer—scaling back activities and/or purchases thanks to precarious work scenarios and the economy in general. Add to that the folks who expect to maintain the status quo this summer and we're left with less than 20 percent of voters who plan to expand their summer recreational activities or take advantage of the bargains in the marketplace.

Our industry, and even our country, is not the only one expecting to scale back this summer. A New York Times article points to a Harris Interactive poll shows that people around the world are taking less vacation time this summer and sticking closer to home on the days they do take off. The article also points out that, given the significant number of people who may have been recently unemployed, starting up at a new company may equate to limited amounts of earned vacation time.

“I think Americans are overworked and, in many cases, cannot afford to take a summer vacation,” says one poll respondent in the article.

I think many of us can vouch for that. Still, the last time I checked, sunny afternoons were still free and the 4th of July entitles most of us to a long weekend. I hope you all find many simple pleasures this summer.

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