John, your gripe with window air conditioners is...

John G. Swanson
May 23, 2007

Air conditioners started humming last week in my neck of the woods, so it seemed like a good time to share a pet peeve of mind—window air conditioner units.

AC eyesore?My neck of the woods—New York City—has some stately old brownstones, adorned frequently with beautiful old windows. These windows obviously don’t get the respect they deserve in many cases, because the homeowner is perfectly willing to insert an air conditioner smack dab in the middle (given the price tags on these buildings, by the way, the owners can afford to do better).

Okay, you may not work with 19th century oriels too often, but have you felt the same affront to our industry and our products? After completing an installation of beautiful, brand new replacement windows, has your final task ever been to put a dirty old A/C unit back in place?

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