My company's green marketing efforts...

March 26, 2008

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Survey Results for 03/26/2008:

My company's green marketing efforts...

...are undeveloped at the moment.





...are emerging as we get a better handle on the market.





...are strong - we have the product/practices, so why not tell the green story?





Christina Lewellen,
senior editor of Window & Door

A lot of window and door companies have products that could easily be integrated into green building projects, but do they have the marketing message to target the green market? Our responses from last week’s Talk were split relatively evenly: A bit more than 40 percent report that their green marketing message is yet undeveloped, but 30 percent of respondents are working on developing one and another nearly 30 percent say their green message is strong.

The green marketing approach may not be for everyone. In fact, most of the green activity is still happening in the non-residential arena. Still, as our April issue explores (it’s in the mail to you as we speak!), some residential window and door companies are finding success positioning their businesses in the green market.

One word of warning from an industry analyst who took a moment to drop me a line after seeing our poll—don’t think that a green message will save you from a challenging market:

“I think if companies see this as a panacea to the slowdown in the residential construction market, they are going to be incredibly disappointed, particularly if they are just trying to ‘greenwash’ their existing products as being environmentally friendly. I see very few companies being able to successfully take advantage of this trend and put in the practices to back it up (ex. Andersen), but even they aren’t going to see a jump in their sales because of it.”

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