My company's New Year's resolution is to...

Christina Lewellen
December 19, 2007

Since your Window & Door fruitcake is probably still in the mail (and lost in the mail, if you’re lucky) we’d like to take a moment to thank you for another great year and wish you well as you head into the holiday season. Since we had a mid-year launch in 2006, 2007 marks the first full calendar year of WDweekly. We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received as a result of our electronic presence (or “presents” if we may be so bold!) and we look forward to continuing our coverage as we head into 2008.

This is our last e-issue of the year, so we’d like to end on a note as phantom as the aforementioned fruitcake—your New Year’s resolution. While I’m sure your last 10 pounds and partying habits at GlassBuild America would make worthy candidates, I was actually wondering about your company’s resolutions. What is your organization’s goal for 2008, and will you stick with it? And making more money doesn’t count—that resolution stands as a given! Email me and share your thoughts.

Have a safe holiday season and we’ll be waiting in your inbox for you January 9.

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