My company's New Year's resolution is to...

Christina Lewellen
December 19, 2007

The Talk, Page 2...

Survey Results for 12/19/2007:

My company's New Year's resolution is to... the storm and come out of 2008 relatively unscarred.





...kick it up a notch with customer satisfaction.





...broaden our product offering.





...find ways to be leaner (companies can shed pounds too!)





...find a new market niche.





...expand our geographic scope.





...focus on employee retention and productivity.





Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to 2008! As I write this on January 1, I’m wondering if 2008 will fly by as fast as 2007 did, and hoping that when I join you a year from now, we can raise a glass to making it through a rocky—and hopefully vastly improved—business cycle.

When we signed off in December, we asked what your company’s New Year’s resolution for this year would be. While escaping the downturn in one piece tops the list, respondents split fairly evenly among the remaining options. You’re an industry after my own heart—my personal resolution list is up to about nine items, I think.

One of our new subscribers chimed in with his goal for his architectural millwork and casework fabrication and installation company—to become a distributor for a national window and door brand. That’s the kind of resolution I love to hear.

Before he signed off, he wrote, “As for my resolution, I always joke around and say ‘I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up,’ so my resolution is to not say it anymore. The grey hair on my head and the ones falling out tell me that I am ‘grown up.’”

Now I think my list has 10.

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