Should ICC adopt the “30 percent solution” as part of the 2009 codes?

John G. Swanson
September 17, 2008

In its latest e-newsletter, NAHB is voicing its opposition to the “30 percent” solution that will be the focus of much discussion at next week’s International Code Council hearings. They are referring to proposed energy code changes designed to increase the efficiency of new homes by 30 percent more than those currently built.

What interested me is that NAHB sees window manufacturers as part of the “coalition of advocates” promoting the 30 percent solution. From what I’ve heard, our industry looks at these proposals with a great deal of caution. Some no doubt favor the changes, but others see the proposed code requirements adding too much cost to windows in general.

So I thought I’d use this week’s poll to see where the industry really stands. I’m asking a simple yes/no question, but I’d love your input also. Email me and let me know what you think about the proposed energy code changes, and what they could mean for homebuyers, the industry, etc.

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