This year, my air travel will be...

Christina Lewellen
January 9, 2008

Seeing’s how windows and doors aren’t all made in one WindowLandTopia, many of us in the industry are road warriors. Well, air warriors.

Having spent more than an hour of my day yesterday trying to figure out travel plans for a quickly approaching, cross-country trip, I started digging up news items, columns and blogs to see if the opinions in this country fall on the side of air travel being a little easier this year, compared to the record misery of last year. The airline industry came out of 2007 with a couple of black eyes, and I was sort of hoping that in 2008 it would avoid looking for a fight.

From the news articles I found, I’m not encouraged.

So as I prepare to waste away many hours in crowded airports, how many of you might I run into? Do you expect to be in the air much this year? Click on a bubble in the poll and then take a few minutes to share your 2007 air travel horror story with me, if you’re so inclined. I’m thinking we could start an annual worst-travel-story competition...

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