This year, my air travel will be...

Christina Lewellen
January 9, 2008

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Survey Results for 01/09/2008:

This year, my air travel will be...

...none at all. If we were meant to fly...





...moderate. I get to watch those other folks get on the plane first.





...light - just a few simple trips. I'm not sure when to get on the plane.





...heavy, as usual. They let my type on the plane first.





It looks like I’ll be pretty lonely in the airports this year. I’m part of the minority of window and door industry “air warriors” who will likely sprout more than a few gray hairs thanks to air travel-related stresses this year. About 6 percent of last week’s respondents commiserated with me as heavy travelers, looking to face another year of long lines, plane delays and pricier tickets.

But the lucky majority responded that business travel for this year will be minimal to none at all. No wonder this is such a laid back industry.

One seasoned air traveler from an industry supplier touched base, making me feel a little better. I certainly won’t have the number of miles this air warrior does:

I will be traveling a lot again this year, as always. I just noticed that I had 164 ‘segments’ for 2007 and had about the same amount the year before. As you might expect, most travel days are horror stories these days. From the miniature planes packed with over-sized people to delays and cancellations, traveling is a hassle anymore. I have thought about writing a book on ‘reasons for delays.’

Good thought on the book. In fact, since I expect to have a bunch of airport time on my hands, I’ll even volunteer to edit it.

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