Twenty years from now, windows, doors and skylights will...

John G. Swanson
October 24, 2007

What will homes look like in the future, and what kind of products will they demand from our industry? Last week, the mall in Washington, D.C., offered a preview, with teams from 20 universities worldwide building solar-powered homes for the Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the Department of Energy.

Lorin Hancock, with our sister publication Glass Magazine, reported on the event in their electronic newsletter last week. Naturally, she found out, the homes in these projects required extremely energy-efficient windows and doors, with the latest generations of high performance glass.

As we move toward DOE’s goal of a zero-net-energy home, higher energy efficiency demands for our products are a given. But the question, I ask, is will our industry have to do more than good frames and glass? Will we have to build solar collectors into our products? Will we be required to offer more dynamic performance, either through the glazing itself or with louver systems? That’s our question of the week. And of course, I’d like to hear your comments, too. If you’re involved in these new technologies and applications, or just have a thought or opinion, email me and tell me what you foresee.

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