Typically my company's price negotiations with customers...

April 30, 2008

Christina Lewellen,
senior editor
of Window & Door

I have a feeling that with our lovely housing market in its current state, price negotiations between you and your customers or you and your suppliers have become even trickier than they were in the past. So my question this week is whether you’re finding that you can hold your own in pricing talks or if it’s getting tougher to stay strong?

There’s a business consultant named Elliott Yama who contends that you should never negotiate on price. His no-haggle approach allows you some wiggle room in what you offer but warns heatedly against allowing a crack in the dam on price. If your customer wants a lower price, you must adjust down the offer. Price and the value-added package you offer involves trade-offs, he says.

Easier said than done, right? Send me an email to anonymously share your price negotiation insights. Have they gotten tougher in this down market? Tune in next week for the results of the conversation.

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