What do dealers do if their manufacturer closes?

Christina Lewellen
January 28, 2009

For a punch in the gut, check this out. Jordan Windows & Doors closed this week and left this to-the-point message on its Web site. It says, "We are sorry for the inconvenience
but Jordan Company (Jordan Windows and Doors) is no longer in business." That's it. No additional information.

Who should take the bulk of the responsibility for displaced dealers?
The manufacturer going out of business
The dealers, unfortunately, will have to fend for themselves
Whatever the contract outlines
There should be some new/additional laws to protect the supply chain

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In the last couple of weeks, my co-workers and I have seen an uptick in the number of emails we're getting from dealers who are suddenly left without a manufacturer to support them. After the sudden closing of Republic Windows & Doors a few weeks back, we got this email from one of the company's dealers:

"As a dealer for Republic products, where will we get parts and glass to honor the Republic Lifetime Limited Warranty? As always the dealers and the customers suffer."

What's a fair way to handle these displaced dealers? If you're a dealer who's been left out in the cold, how are you handling the situation? Email me to share your stories—confidentially, of course.







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We have Jordan windows on the house we bought and they need service. Weather sripping is not sealing the windows and want to have them all inspected and repaired before the Monsoons come. Where can I find someone to fix all these?

 I have Jordan windows and doors in my house - I am trying to find a center or business that can service my windows and doors for replacement parts in Scottsdale Arizona....is there anyone?

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