What kind of economic stimulus would you like to see?

John G. Swanson
January 6, 2009

President-elect Obama rolled into Washington this week and all the talk there seems to be focusing on an economic stimulus package. One group trying to make its voice heard is the Fix Housing First Coalition, representing builders and many other companies and groups (including AAMA). It is looking to expand on tax incentives for homebuyers, among other things. 

What kind of economic stimulus would you like to see?
General tax cuts
More infrastructure spending
Tax incentives targeted at housing
Tax incentives targeted at energy independence
All of the above
None of the above

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Others are looking for general tax cuts, spending on infrastructure, investment in energy independence, etc. What about you? The last expensive bailout package seems to have done little to stimulate the economy. Do you think we should do nothing and let the chips fall where they may, or would you like to see the new administration and Congress focus on something specific? That's our poll question of the week.

And as usual, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the issue. What ideas have you heard that you like? What would be best for the country? What would be best for the industry? Email me and let me know.








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