What's on Your GBA Agenda?

Christina Lewellen
September 30, 2009

Recession or not, trade shows are still a key place to do business, at least according to this article I just read. It contends that the face-to-face interaction that happens on a trade show floor can't be replaced with online marketing approaches and that, even though budgets are tight, top decision makers are still making the time and effort to keep apprised of industry introductions.

"The bottom line for exhibitors? Prime space on the floor is easier to snag, and prospects for sales leads are better than ever," the article in dBusinessNews contends. 

With the opening of GlassBuild America this week, I thought I'd ask about your game plan for the industry's top trade show. Are you shopping for new equipment or software? Are you exploring ways to become more efficient? Are you attending just to keep up with the new introductions rolling down the pike? Send me an email to share; I'd like to hear about what you're finding interesting on the GBA show floor. 

My primary game plan for GlassBuild America is:
To actively shop for new products and ideas
To browse what's new, with eventual purchases likely.
To go and stay engaged with industry, but unlikely to purchase
To promote and sell my company's products.
To pass on this year's event to keep costs down.
To pass, as it's not a relevant show for us to attend.

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Contact Christina Lewellen, senior editor, at clewellen@glass.org.


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