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Christina Lewellen
August 8, 2007

You’re probably in the middle of a busy week, but you really should read an Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle story included in The Outside View this week highlighting the career and life of Jim Felton. This industry brother—well, cousin at least—has a string of home improvement companies in the Southeast. As the president of these companies, he goes out on a limb to employ recovering drug and alcohol addicts, because he himself was once in the same predicament. As the story tells (seriously, just read it), sometimes the risk comes back to bite him. But Felton takes a chance professionally to give addicts a chance personally.

Maybe he’s crazy, but I sort of dig his approach. Companies don’t have to live and breathe an idealized HR manual to be successful, right? Are we still a small enough industry to allow some wiggle room in our hiring policies?
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