When it comes to my actual window or door installation experience...

Christina Lewellen
October 10, 2007

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is the day for some serious truth telling. Get ready to fess up—I’ll start the confessional.

For all the mouthing off I do about windows and doors all day, every day, I’ve never actually put a fenestration product in a hole. I’ve seen many, many products being made. I’ve even bought my fair share of replacement products and happily watched from afar as the installation crews did their work (in February in Western New York, I might add, so I kept the coffee rolling—my contribution above and beyond paying the bill). But last week at the FMA meeting, I learned enough about the step-by-step process that I’m raring to go find an opening to prep.

Nah, that’s a lie. I’m not going to put in a window myself. But I do want to know if you’ve ever actually installed a window. Now, this is not so much a confession if you’ve actually been paid to do so at some point or are currently earning a living as an installer. But if you’re making components or even the finished products, have you ever taken the time to install a window? And if you did, how did it go? Piece of cake? Not as easy as it looks? Write me an email and share.

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