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August 15, 2007
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John Swanson,
editor/associate publisher of Window & Door

Lobbyists aren’t the most beloved figures in America, but as one speaker told attendees at last week’s WDMA meeting—“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the plate.”

I think the organization’s members were already convinced, but WDMA is now planning to step up its advocacy efforts. I don’t know if that means finding someone on K Street in Washington, D.C., but developing a more proactive voice for our industry is probably not a bad idea. We have a pretty good story to tell and could probably do a better job telling it.

But what do you think? Have we been “on the plate”? That’s the subject of our poll question of the week. And I’d like to hear from you, too. Can you point to examples from Washington or your state legislature where the window and door industry was burned because no one was out there speaking on our behalf? How about within the code bodies or other organizations? What issues do you think we need to be more proactive about?
Email me and let me know.

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