When it comes to spending, presently our company is...

May 7, 2008

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Survey Results for 05/07/2008:

When it comes to spending, presently our company is...

...making necessary purchases.





...putting a virtual hold on spending.





...investing in significant upgrades.





...adding capacity and/or expanding operations.





John Swanson,
associate publisher
of Window & Door

After talking to equipment suppliers, I decided last week to ask about spending. What are window and door companies doing in the current market?

Whether it’s new equipment at manufacturing plants or new trucks or showrooms at dealer operations, our poll reinforces equipment suppliers’ reports that spending is down, but it also suggests it’s not out completely. Less than a quarter of our respondents’ companies had “put a virtual hold” on new investments. One in five said their companies were adding capacity or expanding operations. Nearly one in four reported their companies were spending on significant upgrades.

Given the doom and gloom I’ve heard from some corners, I’m also pleased to share one of the most refreshing pieces of correspondence I received in a long time. “We are planning for the future,” one wholesale distributor responded in an email. “We just signed a lease on a building in a new area for our company. Some of our competition has pulled out of the market,” he continued. “Of course, we are watching our budget, but we cannot ignore new possibilities. Short-term thinking is good for short term companies. The slower times we are now experiencing are allowing us to get our new location set up and running before it gets busy again.”

Our little survey tells me this wholesale distributor is not alone. Plenty of others are out there, doing their best to take advantage of the current, slow environment to get ready for better times ahead. My guess is when those better times return, these companies will be better positioned as a result.

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