When it comes to window and door warranties, most buyers...

April 9, 2008

Christina Lewellen,
senior editor
of Window & Door

Do you buy products for their warranties? I have to admit that, with the exception of my cars, I really don’t (my dad would be so disappointed if he knew!). In fact, I tend to be leery of warranties because I figure there’s probably enough legalese in them to eliminate some or most of my rights as a buyer. I read a blog recently about Best Buy’s “extended warranties” and the fact that Consumer Reports generally advises folks against buying optional service plans. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t attach much value to the idea of a “lifetime warranty,” but I’m also sure there are plenty of people who do.

Warranties, extended warranties, optional service plans—this can all get a bit confusing for buyers. I’d like to know how the window and door industry views warranties. Most manufacturers have warranties of some form or another, but do they really resonate with customers? Do buyers opt for your window over a competitor’s because of your warranty? Email me and fill me in.

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