Where is the biggest bottleneck in your process?

John G. Swanson
July 25, 2007

Window and door plant managers, equipment and software suppliers, lean gurus and other relatively educated production people have their own language and work in a world I’ll never comprehend fully from my industry-observing perch. One thing I do know, however, is the never-ending desire to improve efficiency and/or increase capacity often puts the focus on “the production bottleneck.”

What step in the process slows a line—or the whole plant—down? In vinyl window manufacturing, welding has long been pointed to as a culprit. In this week’s news, we report on a new pre-load system from GED that specifically targets the welding bottleneck. Of course, that’s not the only one. Those of you involved in door pre-hanging or wood products or anything other than vinyl can probably rattle off some others.

So, where is the biggest bottleneck in your process? That’s our poll question of the week. And, since the list provided is sort of generic, I’m hoping you’ll
email me and be even more specific. I’d love to hear your comments, learn about those particularly frustrating areas of production, and, if you care to share, hear about your solutions.

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