Where Do You See Window & Door Prices Going?

John G. Swanson
March 9, 2010
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“Given expected growth in world industrial demand over the next several years, particularly China, building materials prices will tend to rise faster than general inflation,” predicts Bernard Markstein, a senior economist with the National Association of Home Builders.  He made those comments in an article in Nation's Building News looking at recent price hikes in lumber, attributed in part to some improvement in the new housing market.

That made me wonder about window and door prices for the year ahead.  With demand expected to increase, will they rise? That's our poll question of the week.

And I'd like to hear your thoughts on the topic too. Last time I heard someone discuss pricing, it was a complaint that all the "new construction guys" coming into the replacement and remodeling business were driving down prices in that segment.  Is that still happening?  What about the added costs to meet .30/.30, the new Energy Star, etc.?  Are those being passed on?   Email me and share your thoughts.

Compared to inflation in 2010, window and door prices:
Will rise faster
Will increase at about the same rate
Will not keep up
Will actually go down

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