Where Will You Go this Fall?

Christina Lewellen
July 15, 2009

Great news has been coming out of the National Glass Association (publisher of Window & Door and WDweekly) regarding GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window and Door Expo. Exhibitors continue to sign up and a few companies that had previously downsized their booths are reversing course and actually upsizing. Those are positive signs for the industry as a whole.

Still, other fall shows that cater to our industry are noticably light on the floor when it comes do window and door companies. In fact, some of the companies that instantly come to mind when I think of "replacement window manufacturer" have not yet signed up to display at The Remodeling Show this year.

Internally, John and I are trying to figure out our fall show and meeting travel schedule. I thought I'd ask you guys to quanitfy your plans as they stand right now. Are you adding the same shows to your September, October and November calendars or will you be reading WDweekly's coverage from afar this year? And if you're staying home, why are you skipping? Is it a tight budget or do you feel the shows might not be worth the time to attend? Email me and share.

This fall, I expect my trips to trade shows and meetings will be:
About the same as in the past
Fewer in number—we're still keeping a close eye on spending
Perhaps more—it's time to get ready for a recovery
We're still watching and waiting to decide

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Contact Christina Lewellen, senior editor, at clewellen@glass.org.


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