Will 2009 Be Better than 2008?

John G. Swanson
April 15, 2009
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News from Ply Gem this week that it’s consolidating some of its operations serves as a reminder that the road to recovery for this industry is going to be long. While there have been, to use President Barack Obama’s words, “glimmers of hope,” there are still segments of our business that remain weak. Some companies have reported gains already this year, but others no doubt continue to see challenging conditions in their markets.

Two weeks ago, I asked whether you thought your company had hit bottom. The results were fairly positive—given recent history—but inconclusive. So for our poll question this week, I thought I’d ask a fairly straightforward question about expectations for 2009. Will your company see sales gains over 2008?

Let's see if the "glimmers of hope" are just glimmers or whether there's real optimisim in the market. And let me know your reasons too. Send me an email and let me know why you think your company—or the industry as a whole—will be better or worse off this coming year.

Will your company see sales gains in 2009 over 2008?

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