Will You Be a CAA Winner Next Year?

Christina Lewellen
September 2, 2009

Economy or not, this year's Crystal Achievement Award winners brought some serious technology, production and marketing upgrades to the table. Call me an optimist, because most people do, but I subscribe to the notion that pouring additional dollars into R&D and marketing during down economies pays off in spades when the cycle swings upwards.

We've asked similar questions throughout this recession, but I want to revisit the topic now that Window & Door has announced its 2009 Crystal Achievement Award winners. Even if you're not spending as much money as you did in the past and looking for ways to cut back until the markets get moving a little bit more, tell me where you are putting your valuable, limited funds. Will I see your compnay next year in the technology categories as you introduce a new window or door? Or will your new marketing efforts be recognized with a Crystal Award for bringing you new business and growth despite economic conditions? Send me an email to share what you're doing now to find your company recognized in the Crystal Achievement Awards program next year.


Of the money we are investing in the company now, most goes to:

Product technology and R&D


New systems and equipment


Expanded marketing efforts


None of the above, we're still not ready to spend


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Contact Christina Lewellen, senior editor, at clewellen@glass.org.


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