Would You Go to a Trade Show Targeted at Window and Door Dealers and Distributors?

John G. Swanson
August 26, 2009

As a regular attendee of the AMD convention and exhibition–and the National Sash & Door Jobbers Association before that–I am happy to hear the news that the organization is opening the doors to its annual event.  Attendance there has long been fairly limited to association members, and while that may have its benefits, it always struck me as unfortunate for the industry as a whole.

In past years, many of the country's biggest window manufacturers exhibited there, in addition to the door manufacturers and moulding and component suppliers that still come.  I remember thinking how  many other dealers and distributors could benefit from an opportunity to see such a concentrated product offering in one place and be able to talk to manufacturers without having to fight their way through crowds of builders and remodelers at other bigger shows.

Whether the change of policy at AMD will eventually be successful in creating such an environment, I don't know.  Whether or not the industry could use a show like that, I don't know, but that's my poll question of the week.  And I'd like to hear from you too.  Email me and let me know if you think a show where window and door manufacturers could target frontline dealer and distributor customers would be of value to you or your company.  Or do events like IBS and NRLA's LBM Expo do the trick?  And don't disappoint me–someone's got to let me know "there are too many shows already."       

Would you go to a trade show specifically targeted at window and door dealers and distributors?
As a dealer/distributor, I would attend such a show targeting me.
As a dealer/distributor, I am content going to existing shows.
As a manufacturer/supplier, a show targeting dealer/distributors would be valuable to us.
As a manufacturer/supplier, we are content exhibiting at current shows.

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