Would You Go to a Trade Show Targeted at Window and Door Dealers and Distributors?

John G. Swanson
August 26, 2009

Survey Results for 08/26/2009:

Would you go to a trade show specifically targeted at window and door dealers and distributors?

As a dealer/distributor, I would attend such a show targeting me.




As a manufacturer/supplier, a show targeting dealer/distributors would be valuable to us.




As a manufacturer/supplier, we are content exhibiting at current shows.




As a dealer/distributor, I am content going to existing shows.




As I indicated at the end of last week's Talk, whenever I discuss trade shows, someone usually comments that there are too many.  So I was a bit surprised that no one sent me such an email.  Perhaps it's the economy.  Everyone's travel budgets have been cut back and we've been confined to our offices so long, the idea of going to a trade show sounds sort of good.

I was further surprised by the results of this week's poll. Among dealer/distributors, respondents saying they'd be interested in a show where they could see a concentrated grouping of door and window manufacturers–without builders and remodelers around–outnumbered those who were content going to current shows by more than three to one.

Manufacturerers–who already pay the bills to exhibit at numerous shows–were less enthusiastic about the idea, but even there, respondents indicating they were interested in such a show outnumbered the ones who weren't.

Does any of this represent a mandate for a new event or suggest there will be a huge influx of non-AMD member attendees at that organization's upcoming event in October?  Probably not.  Does it suggest there's interest out there that could be developed and tapped?  Perhaps. It will be interesting to see if anyone tries.


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