What Will We Fight for Next?

Christina Lewellen
July 20, 2011
THE TALK... | Management
Window and door dealers are probably throwing parties as a result of EPA’s decision last week not to add lead clearance testing to LRRP rules. I don’t blame them—it’s been well documented that adding post-project clearance testing for lead dust would have added significant cost and burden to remodeling projects in pre-1978 homes.
No doubt, the decision announced this week is a significant victory for the industry associations and individual companies that banded together to communicate to our elected leaders and government officials.
The question now—as we ride the wave of excitement and success—is whether the remodeling and construction industry can have additional victories in the government and legislative realm. Will we be able to bring the “opt-out provision” back on the table and fight for homeowners who don’t have children or pregnant women in the home and are content to opt-out of lead-safe work procedures? Can LRRP requirements be kept out of the commercial side of our businesses? Should we look at other arenas?
Now that we have a voice, what should we use it for next? Please send me an email or post a comment below to share.

Survey Results as of 07/26/2011:

Can LRRP rules be trimmed back?










We see an overwhelming indication of momentum in this week's poll. More than 90 percent of participants think we should capitalize on our recent victory with the EPA to pursue additional adjustments to LRRP rules. Some folks weighed in with comments below so I'll leave my commentary brief, but I will sign off by congratulating the industry associations, business owners and experts for figuring out a way to speak with one voice on this issue of lead-safe work practices. There have been a slew of issues that have come and gone through the years and I don't think many of us have witnessed this type of joint effort in recent history. Regardless of what we tackle next as an industry, I'm more confident than ever that we can find common ground WITHIN the industry, allowing us to cover more ground OUTSIDE the industry. Well done.

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