What is Your "Specialty"?

Jenni Chase
April 15, 2014

The May issue of Window & Door will feature the inaugural "Top Specialists" list, highlighting dealers and distributors of windows, doors, skylights, sunrooms and related products for the new construction, remodeling and replacement markets. Ranked by sales volume, these companies are indeed true "specialists." They aren't manufacturers; they aren't home improvement dealers. ´╗┐They are independently owned and operated businesses whose window and door products account for more than 50 percent of annual sales volume. ´╗┐

"The framework for our business is to specialize only in windows and doors, and therefore provide the most in-depth knowledge of the products we sell," said one top specialist, when asked what set his company apart in the market. "By specializing only in windows and doors, we are able to focus on what is the best product for a particular project."

But with the economy still on shaky ground, some window and door companies are looking beyond their "specialty" to products and services such as roofing and siding to bolster sales. My question: Is this type of diversification a growing trend? Or will window and door companies continue to operate as "specialists" in their field as the housing market climbs its way back? Does your company have diversification on the mind? Please participate in this week's poll and share your thoughts.

Survey Results for 04/16/2014 :

Has Your Company Diversified into Products and Services Beyond Windows & Doors?






No, we plan to remain specialized.





We are currently exploring our options.





Not yet, but we have plans in place to do so.




Chase is editorial director of Window & Door, and its sister publication, Glass Magazine. Write her at jchase@glass.org.


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