Will "Cash for Caulkers" Help the Industry?

John G. Swanson
December 8, 2009
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The Obama Administration is working on a program to boost energy efficiency upgrades in homes, including replacement of windows and doors.  The industry is all for that. I'm sure many other executives would have been happy to join Jeld-Wen's Ron Saxton at the White House jobs forum last week to make the case that new windows and doors would be good for a lot of American homes and that our industry could also put a lot of people to work quickly.

It all sounds very promising. The tax credits, certainly not perfect, are definitely helping some companies sell more windows and doors. But, of course, the devil's in the details. What comes forward from the White House may be less appealing.  The details of "cash for caulkers," as this concept has been dubbed, are still just emerging. So what do you think? Will such a program end up being a positive for the industry?  That's our poll question of the week.

And the White House is still looking for ideas.  Why not share them here first?  What steps do you think would best meet the Obama Administration's two goals of cost-effectively improving our nation's energy efficiency and creating jobs? Email me and let me know.

Will Cash for Caulkers Help Your Company?

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