Will We See More Charges of Greenwashing?

John G. Swanson
November 16, 2009
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Most industry executives I've talked to view the green building movement as an opportunity, but they have also been cautious about it. It's easy to see why now, based on developments at last week's Greenbuild show. Three window manufacturers found themselves in the crosshairs of an environmental group, accused of greenwashing because of where they source their lumber.

Now I wouldn't claim that Andersen, Jeld-Wen and Kolbe & Kolbe are corporate saints that do everything right on the green front, but I know they all have made sincere strides to be environmentally responsible.  I also know that many other manufacturers could find themselves in the same position. We all know there are groups out there that don't like vinyl and it isn't hard to imagine some organization some day targeting a big name for using that material in their windows and doors. 

Will we see more greenwash charges? That's our poll question of the week, and, as usual, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the topic. Do you think we'll see more activity against wood product manufacturers?  What about other window and door producers? Do these environmental groups have any real impact?  Let me know what yout think.

Environmental group attacks on industry companies:
Will increase
Will come up now and then, but we won't see a big increase
Will fade away

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