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  • It’s safe to assume that the majority of consumers have used social media to communicate with a business. And, a 2018 study by GlobalWebIndex found that more than half of social browsers use social media to research new products and services. Thus, social media marketing is a must to compete online today, but window and door companies without a comprehensive strategy may find they aren't... more »
  • While not new, noncompete agreements remain a source of dispute because both the workforce and terms within the agreement are continuously evolving.  Covenant not to compete are most often designed to restrict an employee’s ability to work for a competing business in a relevant geographical area for a period of time after employment ends. Although state law varies, a noncompete... more »
  •   While they’re ubiquitous today, it wasn’t all that long ago that flat-screen TVs were an emerging technology. Compared to tube TVs, flat-screens offered crisp, widescreen pictures that were attractive to consumers everywhere—even if they weren’t so affordable for everyone. Cut to today, and flat-screens are in most living rooms in America. Cost came down once... more »
  • 2019 Window + Door Award Winners
    Integrated Rolscreen in Architect Series Reserve Double and Single Hungs by Pella Corp. 2019 Window + Door Award Winners  Window + Door appreciates the time all the applicants put into the process and encourages companies to keep sharing their innovations with us. We’d also like to thank our judges for volunteering their time and expertise to weigh in on the numerous entries. Steven... more »
  • Where we are, where we’re going
    Click for larger view of infographic. As technology infiltrates more areas of life, data breaches rise. Nearly 9,000 reported data breaches occurred between January 2005 and April 18, 2018, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. IoT attacks rose by 600 percent in 2017, according to Symantec, and 31 percent of organizations have had cyberattacks on their operational infrastructure,... more »
  • Navigating the variables
    Last month, we began this column mini-series on installation by describing the two most common wall types with respect to the configuration of their water resistive barrier—surface barrier and membrane/drainage systems—and introduced the two most common types of windows with regard to their mounting provisions (mounting flange and block frame). In this second installment, we summarize... more »
  • Online-only content
    More Resources Solution-based Manufacturing Video | Joe Erb, Quanex Building Products, talks about the impact of skinny triples on the U.S. market more »
  • Start with a sound strategy
    Once a homeowner upgrades their windows or doors, chances are they won’t need more for a long time, if ever. Since most home improvement projects are a one-time deal, success for window and door contractors depends on having a steady stream of new customers.  Hiring good salespeople is necessary, but that alone is hardly a viable strategy. Sure, a good salesperson can knock on doors,... more »
  • Alpen High Performance develops a process for thin glass IGUs
    Editor’s Note: Window + Door did not receive enough entries into the Most Innovative Manufacturing Process category of the Window + Door Awards (formerly, the Crystal Achievement Awards) to make the category truly competitive. However, we received an entry from a company worth recognizing for its efforts in innovative manufacturing. The following article details how Alpen High Performance... more »
  • Themes and observations from GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo
    Having physically recovered from walking the entire 187,000-net-square-foot exhibit floor at GlassBuild America last month, I’m inspired by all the meaningful and insightful conversations I was able to have with many of the exhibitors and attendees. The vibe, in a word, was solid. Sure, many admitted that the year started out slow; multiple sources who do business outside the U.S. added... more »