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  • More than half of manufacturers added new products to their offerings in 2015, and 44 percent of window and door dealers offered new options to their customers. These figures are projected to remain consistent in 2016. “The competitive landscape is fiercer than ever,” says Roto Fasco’s Dan Gray. “Staying a step ahead of the competition is critical.” In order to do so... more »
  • Indicators of industry growth are not just limited to sales and employment. Another factor of market sustenance is production trends. According to the Industry Pulse survey, the majority of manufacturers and suppliers did not add capacity in 2015. Of those that did, manufacturers outweighed suppliers. However, according to Todd Tolson of Pro-Line Automation Systems Ltd., this points more to... more »
  • Nearly 80 percent of survey respondents reported that 2015 sales met or exceeded projections, with an equally large majority projecting that trend will continue into the New Year. The majority of those that saw a higher-than-projected increase in 2015 credited the overall economy and new construction starts. Accordingly, 44 percent of all survey participants experienced a moderate increase in... more »
  • Employment trends are generally steady across all industry segments, with more than half of survey respondents reporting they added staff in 2015. This trend looks to carry into 2016, as 70 percent of respondents report that they will add staff in coming months. Of the 30 percent of respondents who report that they do not plan to hire new employees in 2016, only 6 percent say they will eliminate... more »
  • Happy New Year, Window & Door readers. This first issue celebrates the beginning of 2016 with our annual Industry Pulse survey, which polls professionals from every aspect of the industry on their insights and projections for the coming year and their experiences of the year just past. While the facts and figures we extrapolate from the survey give a frame to the story, it’s the... more »
  • “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” said 18th century poet Robert Burns. The same could be said of the ICC Group A Public Comment Hearings that took place in Long Beach, California, last fall. The intent of these hearings was to record the online ballots the governmental-voting member representatives would use to finalize the 2018 editions of the ICC Group A codes.... more »
  • Social media is not easily categorized as business-to-business or business-to-consumer. So it’s important to note that the different social media channels are not one-size-fits-all, and programs should be built on a scalable model to contract or expand to fit your business goals. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the factors that contribute to social media success. The most... more »
  • Fenestration installation instructions used to be very basic, as were building materials; there were only a few fenestration choices and fairly low expectations for energy performance. In many cases, manufacturers didn’t even offer installation instructions. Today, however, these instructions are not only available, they are evolving to meet industry demands. Why? Read on. 1. Manufacturers... more »
  • Fenestration rarely achieves the pinnacle of notoriety for technological advancement enjoyed by iPhones, advanced pharmaceuticals or new space vehicles, but one recent development comes close. The Solar Decathlon, a biennial competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, challenges teams from the world’s most prestigious institutions to design, build and operate solar-powered... more »
  • Window Product Category Rule Requirements
    A new Window Product Category Rule was recently created through the joint effort of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance, Glass Association of North America and Window and Door Manufacturers Association. This PCR is the guide for developing an Environmental Product Declaration, which is the manufacturer’s detailed statement of the... more »