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  • Trying to beat the competition on price is a risky strategy
    The old joke goes: A store owner procures a popular item for $1 apiece, then turns around and advertises them for $10 a dozen. Trying to understand this bizarre offer, his curious store clerk asks, "How do you expect us to stay in business that way?" The owner replies, "Why, I’ll make it up in volume, of course!" Surprisingly, some businesses practice a similar strategy... more »
  • Five steps that lead to the sale
    The number one false assumption that I’ve seen their peers make about top sales performers is that they have an it thing—some natural-born personality trait or gift that makes them automatic stars who close high-dollar sales easily and with practically no effort. While their performance in front of the client may seem effortless and entirely natural, the truth is that nothing is left... more »
  • Five challenges for business owners in the coming year
    Successful business owners are already thinking about next year. That’s what smart managers and executives do. They look ahead. They plan. They strategize. And they're thinking about what is happening now that will affect their businesses in the future. There are five big challenges business owners should be thinking about in order to successfully navigate their companies through the next... more »
  • A schedule full of collaboration, inspiration and education for window and door specialty retailers
    The Window & Door Dealers Alliance will host its third annual Window & Door Dealer Days event September 12-13, at GlassBuild America 2017. Exclusively for specialty retailers of residential windows and doors, this unique program provides a platform for participants to discuss the industry’s most important matters. Attendees will brainstorm solutions to hot-button issues with their... more »
  • With the lack of qualified labor holding a steady place as a top industry concern, time-saving products are increasingly prominent and important. Dealers and installers can especially benefit from products that work with the limited labor they have, while doing the work of the labor they don’t. Each specialized area of construction has its own list of time-wasters, and exterior doors are no... more »
  • An owner’s exit from a business will probably be the largest financial event of their life. Further, harvesting the illiquid wealth trapped in a business can also be one of the most complex transactions an owner will face. Key to navigating this process is gathering the best information to minimize risk, to make correct decisions, and to understand the financial and strategic control issues... more »
  • Browse the latest styles of windows from contemporary and modern and in a variety of materials. Plus, manufacturers provide key selling points dealers can use in their sales pitches. View the Products more »
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  • A snapshot of the looming fate of the Energy Star program
    Many manufacturers make energy efficient products but can’t justify the costs associated with labeling. (Image courtesy of Energi Fenestration Solutions, For the many residential window and door manufacturers that comprise the fenestration industry, Energy Star has been a way of life since 1992. Now, that program may be substantially changing or going away... more »
  • A collection of the latest technologies and advancements in door components for the manufacture of residential doors
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