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  • Fenestration follows suit in smart home technology
    Kolbe’s sliding door automation systems utilize an interactive wall switch, providing easy-to-use, push-button controls, as well as a feedback feature for serviceability. These systems are available for field-installation on Ultra Series and VistaLuxe complementary multi-slide doors, as well as Ultra Series TerraSpan Lift & Slide doors. (Image courtesy of Kolbe.) The popularity... more »
  • Getting to the root problems of installation and how manufacturers can address them
    The bold red color of the door helps distract attention from the issue, but the issue of the “frowning door” still needs to be addressed. (All images courtesy of the author.) Working with exterior doors is a tricky business. Manufacturers spend hours designing and assembling high-performing exterior doors that then endure many different factors that can lead to performance... more »
  • Creating the framework for new product development
    Seldom can you stand still—you either move forward or stagnate and lose market share. A sound policy to generate sales growth is to strengthen your product line with innovative products. Developing new products enables manufacturers to appeal to a wider geographic arena as well as enter into additional markets. Interpreting Market Signals In developing a new product line, it’s... more »
  • Tips on how to successfully integrate new equipment
    Prior planning is the most important aspect of adding new machinery to an existing production line, and it begins before the new equipment makes the first part, or is even delivered. The planning stage involves correctly identifying the need by evaluating the entire line. To accurately determine what part of the process needs to improve some of the questions you'll need to ask are: Are all the... more »
  • Positive market conditions lay the groundwork for continued growth
    Welcome to 2016. As we enter the New Year, it’s important to take a look back on the previous year in order to assess what’s to come. That’s what Window & Door’s annual Industry Pulse report intends to do. The report takes into account projections and accounts from window and door dealers and manufacturers as well as suppliers to the industry. See below for how the... more »
  • According to Window & Door’s annual Industry Pulse survey, word-of-mouth advertising continues to be the most effective marketing medium for window and door distributors and dealers. Nearly 40 percent of survey respondents reported success with word of mouth in 2015 and 33 percent indicated they will look to increase their efforts in this arena in 2016. “Referrals are the best... more »
  • More than half of manufacturers added new products to their offerings in 2015, and 44 percent of window and door dealers offered new options to their customers. These figures are projected to remain consistent in 2016. “The competitive landscape is fiercer than ever,” says Roto Fasco’s Dan Gray. “Staying a step ahead of the competition is critical.” In order to do so... more »
  • Indicators of industry growth are not just limited to sales and employment. Another factor of market sustenance is production trends. According to the Industry Pulse survey, the majority of manufacturers and suppliers did not add capacity in 2015. Of those that did, manufacturers outweighed suppliers. However, according to Todd Tolson of Pro-Line Automation Systems Ltd., this points more to... more »
  • Nearly 80 percent of survey respondents reported that 2015 sales met or exceeded projections, with an equally large majority projecting that trend will continue into the New Year. The majority of those that saw a higher-than-projected increase in 2015 credited the overall economy and new construction starts. Accordingly, 44 percent of all survey participants experienced a moderate increase in... more »
  • Employment trends are generally steady across all industry segments, with more than half of survey respondents reporting they added staff in 2015. This trend looks to carry into 2016, as 70 percent of respondents report that they will add staff in coming months. Of the 30 percent of respondents who report that they do not plan to hire new employees in 2016, only 6 percent say they will eliminate... more »