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    More Resources Solution-based Manufacturing Video | Joe Erb, Quanex Building Products, talks about the impact of skinny triples on the U.S. market more »
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  • Tips for creating case study content
    SEO and website conversion are fairly complex and multi-faceted, Harshaw wrote in a recent installment of Your Business Matters in Window + Door magazine. The bedrock foundation of both: great content. Of the four types of content he outlined in that article—including core content, blogs, online reviews—he offers the following examples for creating case studies. Videos Everyone knows... more »
  • A look inside Stealth Finishing’s color technologies
    Editor’s note: This case study is an extension of the conversation from an In the Trenches article originally published in the August issue of Window & Door. Click here to read about lamination as a finishing option for fenestration. As the demand for color in the window industry increases, so does the demand for applicators of these finishes. This trend was a key reason for the... more »
  • Related reading | Automation: Machine manufacturers report the labor shortage and increased efficiencies as primary drivers in the move toward more automation Automation Across the Pond Europe generally is more advanced than the Americas in the building products field and technology, and the same holds true with machinery. Tony Mehringer, vice president of sales and marketing, Sturtz... more »
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    Links to More Information   In the Dealer's Corner | LRRP: Still Alive and Well Additional resources, including a real-life example of how one dealer handles documentation, testing and compliance, as well as a look at recent RRP violations and settlements Workforce Development | Labor and Automation Labor and Automation: Not a simple switch more »
  • Not a simple switch
      Related Reading | Labor and Automation: How automation and technology make people less necessary, more important  Technology may be enticing and a solution to some labor woes. However, industry companies are faced with many challenges when considering technology investment. Often at the top of the list is cost. “There are levels of automation and workforce reduction... more »
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    Links to More Information In the Trenches | The Freight Fright  High Tech Trucking on the Horizon? Workforce Development | Strategies for Success  The Gender Difference more »
  • ADVERTISEMENT Over 8 months of R&D in 2017-2018 and leveraging advances in the award-winning Lock-Tilt Combo system design, Vision Hardware has developed a new system that allows manufacturers to use the same processing to fabricate 4 different variations of lock tilt functionality on a single line. Learn more more »