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    Links to More Information   In the Dealer's Corner | LRRP: Still Alive and Well Additional resources, including a real-life example of how one dealer handles documentation, testing and compliance, as well as a look at recent RRP violations and settlements Workforce Development | Labor and Automation Labor and Automation: Not a simple switch more »
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      Related Reading | Labor and Automation: How automation and technology make people less necessary, more important  Technology may be enticing and a solution to some labor woes. However, industry companies are faced with many challenges when considering technology investment. Often at the top of the list is cost. “There are levels of automation and workforce reduction... more »
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    Links to More Information In the Trenches | The Freight Fright  High Tech Trucking on the Horizon? Workforce Development | Strategies for Success  The Gender Difference more »
  • ADVERTISEMENT Over 8 months of R&D in 2017-2018 and leveraging advances in the award-winning Lock-Tilt Combo system design, Vision Hardware has developed a new system that allows manufacturers to use the same processing to fabricate 4 different variations of lock tilt functionality on a single line. Learn more more »
  • How brand awareness and company assessment factor into recruiting and company culture
    In the article Investing in the #1 Asset published in the March/April 2019 issue, sources shared insights on how strong personnel relationships build better businesses. Part of the relationship equation relies on how employees see the company they work for. Here, brand awareness comes into play as part of the personnel equation, as does improving company leadership. Brand awareness While... more »
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    Links to additional resources Top-Selling Windows & Doors Facets of Top-Selling Design Investing in the #1 Asset Building Better Business How brand awareness and company assessment factor into recruiting and company culture By Bethany Stough Additional resources to download 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Best Practices for Effective Feedback Developing Others Three Perceptual Positions... more »
  • Major requirements were set forth in the published 2018 I-codes for windows, doors, skylights and other fenestration products in single family homes, duplexes and townhouses that are three stories or less in height. These types of buildings are referred to as “low rise residential construction” within the family of International Codes, and requirements for them are established in the... more »
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    Sizing Up the Competition: Insights into the dealer segment of the fenestration market Workforce Development Series   Disruptive Innovation, Referenced Resources more »
  • The WinDoor North America trade show opened on Dec. 3 in Quebec City. Window & Door was on hand to cover the event live via Twitter. Below are our highlights from day one. See more coverage of the event on Twitter by following @WindowDoorMag and following #WinDoor2018.     more »
  •  For companies that decide recruiting is a hiring strategy worth considering, there are certain practices that can help lead to success. Build a relationship with a vetted firm. Do your homework to find an honorable firm with a good track record. They should work for the employer, not the candidate. Find a recruiting partner. Recruiters should demonstrate deep industry knowledge of the... more »