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  • Major requirements were set forth in the published 2018 I-codes for windows, doors, skylights and other fenestration products in single family homes, duplexes and townhouses that are three stories or less in height. These types of buildings are referred to as “low rise residential construction” within the family of International Codes, and requirements for them are established in the... more »
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    Sizing Up the Competition: Insights into the dealer segment of the fenestration market Workforce Development Series   Disruptive Innovation, Referenced Resources more »
  • The WinDoor North America trade show opened on Dec. 3 in Quebec City. Window & Door was on hand to cover the event live via Twitter. Below are our highlights from day one. See more coverage of the event on Twitter by following @WindowDoorMag and following #WinDoor2018.     more »
  •  For companies that decide recruiting is a hiring strategy worth considering, there are certain practices that can help lead to success. Build a relationship with a vetted firm. Do your homework to find an honorable firm with a good track record. They should work for the employer, not the candidate. Find a recruiting partner. Recruiters should demonstrate deep industry knowledge of the... more »
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    Links to further reading & information:  GlassBuildAmerica Preview See the schedule-at-a-glance here.  See the complete GlassBuild America exhibitor list here. View the products. Workforce Development Strategies and practices for building the industry workforce.  more »
  •   Employer Checklist Perform a “hazard” assessment of the factory, required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration,, to determine physical hazards, like moving objects and temperature, as well as health hazards, such as overexposure to harmful dusts and chemicals Perform regular maintenance on machines Replace machinery that is not working properly Make... more »
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    Links to further reading & information   Equipment Safety: Common sense practices for the factory floor Best PracticesA machine safety checklist. Fishing for the Ideal Customer: Identify the client and tailor your message Bonus: Online Learning OpportunityThe Window & Door Dealers Alliance partnered with Madeleine MacRae to produce timely webinars designed to... more »
  • Housing and remodeling data is of vital importance to the fenestration industry. Visibility of this information offers manufacturers, dealers and suppliers insight into market trends, and can play a part in decision making along the entire supply chain. Click on the links below to read more about recent housing and remodeling data. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on this and other... more »
  • Read about recent activity on Energy Star, LRRP, tax reform and more
    Government actions and legislation can have a profound impact on the organizations that make up the fenestration industry. Window & Door is committed to covering all the policy changes, appointments and recent action in Washington and what it means for our readers. Here, we've compiled links to the most recent headlines about government activities that impact the window and door industry, as... more »
  • Click the links below to see our data threat resources.   Warning: Fake shipping company scam Fraudelent ordering scams have plagued the industry. Many owners caught the scam in time. Others were not so lucky. The best way, and seemingly the only way, to beat a scam is to stop it before it happens. Know their tactics. Know the red flags.   Is Your Company Safe from Data Loss and... more »