Latest Articles in September 2017

  • Window & Door Presents 2017 Crystal Achievement Awards winners
    Window & Door's annual Crystal Achievement Awards recognize residential window and door manufacturers and component suppliers for their contributions to the industry. Every year, we receive nearly 100 entries of products and processes that remind us of the true innovative spirit of the industry. Here, we recognize nine of the entries that particularly piqued our judges’ interest. They... more »
  • Could privatization be a positive for the fenestration industry?
    *Editor's Note: Since the original publication of this article, the House passed a spending bill that included Energy Star funding at $33 million, 53 percent less than current funding. The below does not take into account this specific development, but does explore what may transpire, regardless of the level of funding for the program. Energy Star has become a highly visible... more »
  • The most probable opportunity for company owners looking to sell their business is a management buyout—a sale to senior managers or family. An MBO exit has a lot of flexibility and, if properly structured, can have significant tax advantages. In certain situations, the MBO will reap a better bottom line result than an outside sale because of the tax savings. Remember, it is not how much an... more »
  • Sometimes innovation occurs not when something new is created, but when an improvement to an existing process advances new ideas and practices. In the ever-evolving world of fenestration, innovation is ingrained in the industry. While innovation brings about improvements and breakthroughs, change comes with new layers of complexity and obstacles to overcome. Staying in the know is your best bet... more »
  • With regard to the 2018 International Codes, one of the biggest disappointments for the fenestration industry is a reduction in the number of emergency escape and rescue openings required for sleeping rooms in the basements of multifamily buildings and single-family homes. The 2015 International Building Code and 2015 International Residential Code required EEROs from sleeping rooms in... more »
  • The fenestration industry is at the tipping point of a technological revolution
    Deceuninck North America developed an interface system to customize controllers and sensors for equipment needs. (Images courtesy Deceuninck North America.) The Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are terms that define a technological revolution that reaches into nearly every aspect of lives around the globe. When intelligent connectivity interacts with... more »
  • The must-have tools that make fenestration replacement safer and more efficient
    Fenestration tools offer variety. (All images courtesy of Jim Snyder) I love tools. In my years of fenestration replacement, I’ve tried and tested numerous tools for our field. Some are fenestration-specific; others are more general, but still a must for window and door installation. Here are some of my favorites and necessary tools that make fenestration replacement safer and more... more »